Feb 06

Rich 3

Thinking about the below, the US might be the first rich Third World country.

Our infrastructure is failing, our social programs that make society itself prosper are being dismantled, and we have a higher GINI coefficient than even some of the former standard-bearers of inequality.

We have a lot of wealth, but the average person lives a precarious life where one mistake, one missed paycheck or one arrest could destroy them forever

There aren’t a lot of people starving, but contrary to popular belief in most Third World countries that is also true.

I don’t even like the term “Third World.” I’ve lived in the so-called “Third World” and it’s all just people trying to get along, like anywhere else.

That said, it’s a useful term still.

Yes, I do think the US is the first rich Third World country. Things are only going to get worse from here, too.

Feb 06


The destruction of the US Post Office is working.

It’s not surprising – it was and is a very well-run, very visible government program that demonstrated the effectiveness of government, and thus it had to be annihilated so that the neo-con hijacking of the economy could continue.

Not that the Post Office would not have had to change with changing times. But the only reason the organization is going bankrupt is because Congress decreed that it would.

It also peripherally has to do with the fact that the Post Office was long (and still is, in some areas) the only employer who would hire black folks into good, relatively high-paying jobs.

If you think that has nothing to do with the historical and present-day animosity to the Post Office, you are almost certainly wrong.

Feb 05

Vastly more

Reading people write about Facebook, I realize that most people know vastly more people than I do.

I have really no family and few friends. I am happy as I am, but it’s weird hearing people write about, “I pared my Facebook list down to my 30 closest friends.”

I haven’t had 30 friends in my entire life.

I’d like more friends, but I don’t feel deprived. It’s just odd.

I guess I am a truly an extreme introvert, more than I realized.

Having 2-3 close friends is great. Having 30 friends to me sounds horrible and oppressive and I would probably run away to New Guinea and never come back.

Feb 05

A day

It’s going to be interesting seeing all those who claimed (and there were and are many, many of them) that Steve Jobs had absolutely nothing to do with Apple’s rejuvenation and success flail, stumble and mumble idiocies when Apple starts to flag as it inevitably will sans Jobs.

I don’t mean it will go bankrupt, or even stop making large profits. I mean it will likely go from the most amazing company perhaps ever to exist, to a regular ol’ company that occasionally makes some cool things.

Only complete fools can believe that Jobs had nothing to do with Apple’s success. Not only did Jobs sit personally in nearly every important design meeting, mostly vetoing bad ideas left and right*, but his entire ethos pervaded the workings of Apple.

Jobs had a mind that was almost magical in its ability to meld the just-barely-realizable with something that is capable of being manufactured combined with giving people something they deeply desired but did not even know they wanted until they saw it.

That’s not one in a million. That’s maybe one in a billion.

*Perhaps the most important thing anyone can do in a large company.

Feb 05


It’s a sad fact that most trained economists (of the macro variety) don’t really understand even the basic workings of the economy very well at all.

It’s not that they are stupid; no, it’s just that the ideas that they have been inculcated with and trained on are largely invalid, designed to serve the will of capitalistic wishful thinkers, the rich and the aspirant rich.

Not a conspiracy – it’s just what happens when power is applied somewhere for a long time by the self-interested.

Feb 03


Listening to music on my Infinity Overture 3s, and then going back to my computer speakers – what a difference. I mean, my computer speakers are good but those Infinity speakers are a world apart.

I didn’t buy them new. When they were first sold, they were over $3,000. I paid $800.

The only way to buy speakers is used. They still sound the same, and someone else got the depreciation.

Amazing speakers. No reason for me to buy any better ones, as I can’t tell the difference anyway.

Feb 03


I remember arguing with some dude online in a about 1996 or so, when a file system capable of using files larger than 4GB was first introduced in Windows.

His argument was upgrading Windows to use such a file system was pointless, as no one would ever under any circumstances need a file larger than that.

Now I use files nearly every day at work and at home that are larger than that. Some people have so little foresight that it is almost painful to observe.

Feb 02

Developers don’t use their software

Things that the Firefox developers have done to attempt to ruin their browser. These are all items and needed features that the developers have taken away and/or added that make the browser much worse.

1) Removed the status bar. I use this EVERY FIVE SECONDS. Why the fucking hell would you ever fucking remove the status bar. FUCK. Can you tell how angry this makes me? I added it back with an extension.

2) The “AwesomeBar.” Not very awesome. I don’t disable it any longer as it’s not as incredibly slow as it was, but I don’t really use it. I have over 5,000 bookmarks. How does this help me?

3) Made the last tab closed close the whole window. Why would you ever, ever want this?

4) Hidden the entire URL, and the protocol. Again, information that I use about every five seconds.

5) Tabs on top. I no longer disable this, but I don’t really like it. They get in the way too often. Still, fighting against an idiotic trend can only go on so long, so I’ve stopped fighting it.

6) Monkeying with the SSL indications. The yellow bar and lock icon was a much clearer indication than whatever the hell is going on now. I change this right away.

7) Not allowing access to sites at all if the SSL cert mismatches. I can fucking well decide which sites I want to go to on my own, thank you very much.

8) Considered removing tab support altogether. I have never dreamed of becoming a terrorist, but if there is one thing that could lead me to it, it would be this.

9) Made all the icons grey and bland so you cannot tell them apart. Why is this a trend? This makes everything worse. Flat design is terrible.

10) Automatically unloaded images, and/or dynamically load them. Wow, make everything seem slow, all the time. Great damn idea, just great.

11) Merged the buttons. I change it right away, so I hardly remember what is merged, but I think the stop and reload button are merged, and maybe the back/forward buttons. Those are separate buttons for a reason.

12) Don’t load tabs until they are clicked on a restart. Another way to make everything seem slow unnecessarily. Why, just why? Disabled immediately.

13) Using the D2D acceleration in Windows that makes the fonts blurry. For some reason, Microsoft chose to start partially emulating the blurry font rendering on the Mac. I also disable this immediately as with the setting on, I can only read for 5-10 minutes before I start getting a headache.

All of this I guess is an attempt to make the browser more idiot-proof, but this never works as the idiots go drink some more idiot potion and the status quo is maintained.

What it really does is make Firefox harder to use for people who actually know what they are doing and who use their browser for more than just playing.

Feb 01

Recruiter rejection rap

Recruiter called me today, trying to poach

I said, no, no you can’t encroach

But what kind of salary offer you gonna broach?

He said, What you makin’ now?

I said, That ain’t the game we play

Tell me how much

And I’ll tell you go or stay

He said it was beyond 90K — just a touch

But then he said it was just contractin’

So I told him we wouldn’t be transactin’

And so he went on his way