Nov 08

Sharm el Sheikh

I’ve flown in and out of the Sharm el Sheikh airport. It’s one of the crappiest, least secure and most pitiful airports in the world.

I’m not surprised that either the Russian plane fell out of the sky on its own from the poor maintenance at that airport, or that a bomb was placed onto the plane there. It wouldn’t have been that hard from what I saw of the place.

Landing there and getting out of the plane, other than the stifling heat that assaulted me immediately, I just wondered if this was some sort of prank airport. See it doesn’t appear to have changed much since I was there.

Nov 06


One of the greatest things about Tumblr is that it has neologisms so sparkling new that even Urban Dictionary often has no definition for them.

Like today I learned about “nudestuck.” Not so sure that word was actually needed, but enough people thought it was. Look it up if you like, but you gonna see some naked people.

Haven’t felt much like writing or responding to comments lately, but have been reading.

Also, the Hateful Eight trailer is odd. It’s a Western with many modern expressions and phrases used in it. It kind of works, but is jarring. Strange.

Nov 05

Like that

Are people really like this?

Personally, I do not care who my partner hangs out with, why she hangs out with them, how often she does so, if they are alone or not or what their gender and/or sex is, etc.

Do partners really essentially ban each other from having friends as this implies? How the fuck do people live like that?

Tell you what, I never ever could be that way.

Nov 05


Comcast Dramatically Expanding Usage Cap Areas December 1.

I noticed Chattanooga was on that list. Is Comcast full of morons? EPB operates there as the article points out, and has 1Gbs (and now 10Gbs) fiber to the home service there quite cheap. No caps.

That’s a quick way to lose 90% of your customers in one market.

If I were Google Fiber, I’d specifically target areas for expansion where Comcast is pulling this crap.

Nov 03

Wittier Twitter

I never liked Twitter much in the first place. It is, as some wag said, a billion dollar company that should have been an RFC.

But it has been interesting and instructive to watch it destroy itself and to continue to do so. The same with Mozilla, though more sad in that case.

Twitter’s main strengths are now being removed chasing a larger audience that will simply never exist. Capitalism and its growth-at-any-cost prerogative eliminates as many possibilities as it provides.

But no one ever looks at opportunity cost because it can’t be easily quantified.

Nov 03

A nation of immigrants

When people say that the United States is a “nation of immigrants” to support open borders and other shameful policies, that is a true statement.

What is also true that this “nation of immigrants” eradicated somewhere between 2 million and 40 million people who were here well before any of us.

So I am not sure what sort of great lesson I am supposed to take from this “nation of immigrants” crap?

Nov 03


This article is exceedingly stupid and easily disproven by history.

But I’ll let my readers discover where he pulls the old switcheroo. It’s pretty obvious after some thought, but Ridley — whom I’ve read before — is a good writer and so as befits any skilled rhetorician it’s hard to look behind his curtain of deceit.