Always surprised

I’m always surprised by how naive Kevin Drum is, and how willing he is to shit on millennials. Of course, he supports Hillary because he is depending on and supportive of the inegalitarian governmental and financial coddling of older generations. For this reason it is almost required that such an ex ante status quo supporter be a Clintonista as it is hugely in his privileged interest that she win because a terrible and unthinkable tragedy like his house falling 5% in value might occur if she doesn’t.

But in this article, he really just has no clue about why millennials are voting in such overwhelming numbers for Bernie Sanders. The stats he gathered are useless for discovering that — and many things can’t be found in stats at all.

However, if Drum had bothered looking any deeper than the shallow puddle of his insight, he could’ve examined job tenure numbers for a starter. The Forbes piece frames job-hopping as a choice, but most of the time it’s not — it’s lay-offs, being replaced with H-1bs, being forced to move from bad job to bad job and city to city to survive.

Or Drum could’ve taken a gander at housing costs and how millennials often can’t afford to buy or rent. In 1960, for instance, it was easily possible to afford the average apartment in nearly any city with a part-time job.

There is nowhere in the US where this is now possible. Nowhere with jobs, at least.

The three things that are most vital to establishing a good life are now out of reach or very, very expensive for most millennials: housing, education and reliable health care (no, the ACA didn’t really help with this).

In addition, what jobs exist are far more precarious, more demanding and less reliable than what their parents or grandparents knew.

And outside of the stats (which actually matter more than the numbers, as stats are always post hoc), it’s clear that climate change is going to absolutely torpedo their lives, as it won’t the Boomers because they’ll all be dead by then.

The millennials are perfectly aware that the Boomers have been for decades and are currently looting the future while destroying the planet, and then telling the younger generations (as Drum does) that they are entitled and ungrateful if they object to these facts.

Doesn’t take a damn genius to see why they vote against someone like Clinton who is promising more of the same, with some added unnecessary wars thrown in.

Or for something more concise if you are dismissive of my massive missive, check out this tweet from a friend of mine that explains it all pretty well.