Another of my favorite Australians

Some people have so much talent it should be illegal or something. Makes the rest of us look bad.

Here is Kate-Miller Heidke performing a song (audio quality not great, but still worth watching).

And here is also Kate Miller-Heidke, as her alter ego singing the same song, without significant studio manipulation of her voice other than it is double-tracked a little offset to give it that 80s feel. There is no live performance video as all but her voice is electronic and done on laptops.

You’ll have to go to the band site to listen to it, as I can’t embed the YouTube video due to information monopoly issues.

Notice that in the live acoustic performance she sings the keyboard solo part perfectly.

What a great song in either version. In an interview I watched with her she said that she just decided to sing in another register and did. Damn. I cannot just decide to sing two octaves lower. There needs to be socialism for talent, dammit! 😉

I’m posting more things like this as I have no interest at all in posting about politics and probably will never do so again. I’d rather think about things that make me happy and that have some chance of mattering, rather than useless nattering.

And here is the official album song of her regular Kate Miller-Heidke self, though I think like many great artists she actually sounds better live acoustic with no studio manipulation at all: