Oct 02

The Story

There’s a reason history (and the humanities in general) is being annihilated — and it doesn’t have anything to do with the oft-repeated “wisdom” that STEM is the MOST IMPORTANTEST THING EVAR that you hear the STEM types shouting about left and right. That’s just their clueless arrogance.

If you have people trained in the humanities, they can think broadly about relevant issues and actually have some basis for understanding the evolution and possible direction of society. These people are better at resisting propaganda and other control mechanisms. No one in power wants that, so history and the humanities must go by any means necessary.

Oct 02


Houses are like tattoos: 99.9% of them in any price range are just terrible and should never have been put into the world. It is pretty absurd that a $5 million house is just a more expensive piece-of-crap version of a $500,000 house. But that’s the way we do things in this country.

Oct 02


Female-heavy sex ratio at schools.

One of the two times I’ve ever been approached by a woman in public was at UNC Chapel Hill in the late 1990s, which was already 60%+ women. The sex ratio was so skewed there that women were forced to act like men if they wanted any attention at all.

The few women that I knew there (or around there) mentioned how much it sucked. And yes, it sure does. When women actually get treated like men (despite what feminists say), 99% of them do not fucking like it much. And that’s because it’s terrible.

Oct 01

Be Cheap

The mortgage on my grandparent’s house in the late 1970s was $450 a month in today’s dollars — and it was a really nice house. It looked much like this (don’t have an actual photo):

I don’t think people realize or remember how very cheap housing used to be, even when accounting for inflation.

Oct 01


Anyone who thinks the US sabotaged the Nordstream pipelines is a damn fool. How does that make any sense at all? (It was Russia.)