Oct 18

Java the Nut

I have the opposite problem. In my resumé there is nearly nothing about programming, coding, or developing and yet I get recruiters sending me jobs for developer positions all the time. The latest one was for a Sr. Java developer. I have never once used Java, know almost nothing about the language itself, and have no interest in it at all. My resumé doesn’t have that keyword or anything vaguely similar to that.

It was probably an algorithmic error, but how can the algorithm be so atrocious?

Oct 18

Crying Uncle

We ran into this same problem with the software my company distributes. I figured out the same thing. Yay, computing in 2019: problems are both nearly impossible to troubleshoot, and nearly incapable of being fixed, just so all the droolers don’t click on shit they should’ve never clicked on in a million years anyway. Meanwhile, a ton of other things break in an attempt at preventing your Uncle Milton from sending all his fucking money to Nigeria (and it doesn’t help, he sends it anyway).

Oct 18


Clippy was the first popular (as in many people saw it) instance of ceding computing to the droolers, yet it also causes feelings of nostalgia because at least Clippy could be banished, never to be seen again, while modern software and computers are just permanently broken. Firefox and such can no longer be fixed. Same with Windows 10 and now even MacOS.

Oct 18


Americans are the only people in the world who will tell you something is “impossible” and “could never happen” when it’s already happening all over the world and has been for years.

Examples: Public health care, free college, renewables, etc.

Blows my fucking mind.

Oct 18


I think cilantro tastes like soap and I still love it. What does that make me? Maybe I have another gene that cause me to love the taste of soap.

Oct 17

At Least Not Bronies

I’m glad to see notable Bernie Bros like *checks notes* Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ihan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have endorsed Sanders. You can tell they are Bernie bros because anyone who endorses Bernie automatically becomes male. Isn’t that the way it works now in braindead centrist land?

I’m not a Bernie voter. I will vote for Warren, if Florida lets me vote. I am going to attempt registering again for the third time. But I kind of want Bernie to win anyway because of all the ridiculous and inane “Bernie bro” centrist lying.

Oct 17


I notice that email programs in general are pushing fucking worthless conversation view hard now. I wonder why? Outlook (on Mac) auto-switches to it now regularly, and I have to constantly change it back. Absolutely impossible to find anything that way.

But I do wonder why it’s being pushed so hard? Certainly it’s not to benefit the users; absolutely no one cares about that, not even the users, who are utterly clueless anyway for the most part.

Oct 17

Nuke From Orbit

Pretty much my reaction, too. I can’t believe how much we’ve squandered, and how quickly. We’ve laid waste to our own society and our own minds for “convenience” that’s not even real.