Mar 03

One Time

I understand why it does this, but that has fucked me over once. Never forgot it, and never made that mistake again.

Mar 03


Real combat in Afghanistan. Jesus Christ, that A-10 and its massive gun is fearsome. I see that’s why it was the only real weapon that terrified the Taliban.

Mar 03

Obama Bil

Obama wanted to become a billionaire, and he’ll get what he wants I think. He only had to sacrifice all the rest of us to do so.

Mar 03

It Should

Absolutely. And it’s weird to read some rich dude hyperventilate about real estate prices being forced to reasonable levels in a city where he doesn’t even live.

Guess he’s afraid it’ll happen in the US, too. As it should.

Mar 03

Civil To HR

That is a good insight I hadn’t really thought about before. I think that’s completely correct. Terrible, but correct.

Mar 03

Masked Info

Yeah, and you have tons of people on Twitter whining like a two-year-old with a soiled nappy because someone had the temerity to walk outside without a mask. And these are the soi-disant “smart” people, too! You know, the “believe science” ones.

The pandemic has made me deeply realize most people know almost nothing, don’t get any smarter, and furthermore don’t even want to. Because it’s, like, hard and stuff.

Mar 02

A Full 39 Of ‘Em

You just killed 39 grammas with that statement! Why did you kill 39 grammas!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mar 02

Identity Pols

In the future, you will have to get a genetic test and only someone within 99.99% of your genetic makeup can read, translate, or even open your work. The algorithm will make sure of it.

Those identity politics sure worked out great, didn’t they?