Dec 04

Aurora Not Roaring

Turn on subtitles. Interview, but no performance. I’ve never listened to much spoken Norwegian but a lot of words are obviously related to English ones. Pitch-accent language!

She has the same attitude towards death that I do. The other dude on the show is completely fascinated with her. It’s kind of cute.

Dec 04


Great outfit. Wonder who made it? Definitely not something you can buy in a store. Not a skirt — that’s pants with a front drape. Very cool.

Dec 03

Not Free Agent

This is what feminism has been moving towards, though, in the last decade or so — the idea that women do not have agency and must be treated like recalcitrant adolescents. Note that this treatment is all by feminists, not non-feminists.

The “protection from harm” canard is of late trotted out at every opportunity to justify a neo-Victorian assertion of the complete fragility of women. It’s really demeaning and insulting. At least, I would be insulted and feel demeaned and devalued were I a woman.

Dec 03

Shut The Fridge

Despite all the propaganda you hear, most British, Canadians, French are very happy with their health care systems and are absolutely appalled when they hear how the American health care system “works.” Like, they think you are lying about it, or at least joshing them.

Then they realize it’s all real and react about how the woman (and others) in the video does.

Dec 03

Compy Not 386

Same, but it looks like that’ll never change. Computers are strange as for a while we had a common, nearly-necessary device that more than half the population was cognitively incapable of using. We’re getting away from general purpose computers now, though that’s not the main reason. But it does mean that the droolers don’t have to deal with their complexity any longer.

Dec 03

Debt Is Money And Vice Versa

I will ask a question someone once asked that is still relevant: “Who the fuck does the world owe all that debt to, Jupiter?”

Debt and money are tools. We can choose how to use them — or to break them. There is no natural law here; merely what humans have created.

Dec 03


Canon “L” glass. Some of those lenses are marvels.

Dec 03


A lot of so-called smart people annoy me not because they are competition, but because I wish they actually were competition.