Dec 01


Michael Jordan’s ball faking ability.

Liberals: Anyone could get this good if they put in their 10,000 hours! Natural talent doesn’t exist.

Reality: Umm hell no. I and most people could practice for 10,000 years and never even get 1/100 this good.

Practice matters. You certainly can get better at something. But it’s not nearly enough.

Dec 01


When I was in the UK recently with a friend, we ran into this insanity:

We noped right on out of there. (I don’t mind soy milk, but damn, who wants anything from a café that doesn’t even have actual milk? And café au lait without true milk sounds purely evil. Blech.)

Nov 30

They Gots It

I was looking for a cheaper vendor for something on Google and it suggested “cheaper than Ozempic” as I was typing.

They have that! It’s called EAT LESS FOOD

Much cheaper.

Nov 30

Cut It

I wish instead of tattoos something actually cool and attractive had become trendy, like really asymmetric haircuts or short-throw body lighting or similar. Anything.

As I’ve said before, so glad I’m not in the dating pool now as so many women have tattoos and that’s an immediate and irreversible big hell no from me for anything romantic.

Nov 30


A Murder at the End of the World is a pretty good show, but the lighting and cinematography in it is A+, top notch, would recommend. It’s really nice.

Nov 30


Anyone who thinks how LLMs work and what they do is plagiarism is a full-blown assclown idiot numpty dipshit.

They neither understand LLMs nor copyright and it’s frankly amazing they can even breathe consistently. If their views were back-applied to humans it’d become a copyright violation for a human to read a book. Which is an interesting idea but also really insane.

These absolute clowns also think that you can copyright ideas and style — which you can fucking not. And for good reason. I know they are trying to fight AI with any tool available. But it’s the wrong way forward and it’ll only hurt them and everyone else to suddenly swing to copyright maximalism.

Fear and stupidity make people do some truly terrible things.

Nov 30

Long Int

WHY does the interview process have to be so dragged out.

Companies are looking for the desperate. The more you submit to a humiliating process the more they can guarantee they are getting someone they can abuse.

Since I can, any recruiters that contact me I let them know if I decide to move forward with a potential role I will only go through two interview days (not interviewees). No coming back in (or Zooming) for 5-6 different sets of interviews. If the recruiter is not good with that, no dice. I am in a position where I can be picky and I am definitely not desperate. I’m also very expensive but I’m worth it.

Nice to be where I am. So much better than where I was.

Nov 29

So, Which Is it?

Too many women be like:

This guy is disgusting because he wants sex!

Same woman: This guy is disgusting because he wants sex and can’t get it!

Makes no motherfucking sense.