Sep 26

Own It

I’ve always kind of had this attitude, but when I got out of the army I decided to just live this way. And now when I don’t want to do something, I just don’t.

It’s such a better way to live. Don’t want to do something, fucking don’t. Quit being weak and pitiful. Own your own fucking life. Quit whining. Understand that there will be consequences, but be woman or man enough to take them.

(It helps to have money.)

Sep 26

Fists of Fury

I volunteer.

Sep 25

Myst It

I immediately abandon any game with a logic puzzle in it because I know I will never be able to solve it.

No Myst for me!

Sep 25


“Mutating” to normals is like “radiation.” Bad. Very scary.

I’ve literally frightened someone in real life by telling them their lights were emitting radiation. Pretty funny. But most mutations in anything are neutral because….well, duh, just think about it for a second.

Sep 25

Lock Up

No lockdown anywhere should’ve lasted longer than a month, no matter the incompetence present elsewhere.

Hate to tell you this, but lockdowns became about destroying small- and medium-size businesses while allowing oligopolies to further dominate. That’s the only reason lockdown was allowed to continue so long.

And the liberals fell for it, as they always do. Pitiful.

Sep 25


Another weird thing about standard-issue liberals is that they are prone to say shit like, “That’s just based on emotion.”

Well, big damn insight there, because 99.9% of anything anyone does 99.9% of the time is just “based on emotion.” You have not scored any sort of rhetorical coup de grĂ¢ce by declaring some decision or action is based on emotion. It’s similar to the liberal “arbitrary.” They think saying that something is “based on emotion” or is “arbitrary” means they’ve won the argument, somehow, but all that’s really happened is that they are revealed as a complete dipshit.

Here’s some news: all of human life is based on emotion and things that are arbitrary. It doesn’t mean that either of these is easy to alter, as libs for some reason imagine. Where do they get this idea? Too much education, not enough real world, is my guess.

Sep 25


God it really is just bizarre when you think about how feminists have settled on the “women are helpless infants who must be protected from sex and adulthood” no different than religious fundies and 16th Century Puritans.

How did THAT happen?

Sep 25

Turn Vacan’t to Vacan

After two years vacant, the vacancy tax should increase by five percentage points per year. After five years vacant, the unit, house, or location should be seized and turned into public housing or rented at a low rate to a business of some sort.

Sep 24

Why There

Reading so many scientific papers, even being bad at math, it’s sad to realize that even in “correct” papers, 80% of the math there is designed to be obfuscatory or is just compulsory and is essentially window dressing.

Especially outside of physics and actual math. It’s just there to show how intelligent the author(s) of the paper are. Wish it weren’t so. Is.