Jul 19

Rabid Hutch

Another reason to avoid American women: all too many are almost-rabid anti-sex prudes these days. And if you say you want something as normal as a healthy sexual relationship you’ll get the fucking stupid, “MEN ONLY CARE ABOUT SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111” horseshit. Not nearly as true in other countries, by the way!

So odd, though. Those prudes don’t care about any of the other just-as-real and just-as-valid dealbreakers you have. For some reason those are not singled out for you being terrible and creepy. Despite the fact that I personally also wouldn’t accept someone with tattoos, or who tormented waitresses or serving staff. So who is really obsessed with sex here? To me it looks like it’s not men at all.

Our society is broken.

Jul 19


Lord, you motherfuckers are bad at math. One billion is 0.1% of a trillion. Nowhere even close to 10 percent. (Yes, I know he said “not even 10 percent,” but he meant that $1.65 billion is close to but not quite 10% of $1.77 trillion. When in reality it is precisely 0.0932% of $1.77 trillion. Quite a different thing.)

And I’m supposed to be the one bad at math. Pathetic.