Apr 14

Office Nonwork

Does anyone work for a company that decided to bring employees back to the office full-time Monday through Friday? How is it working out?

I will never work in an office ever again, period. Never, ever. It’s insanely unproductive for me.

As to the supposed bouncing ideas off one another or overhearing something useful, that has never — and I mean that literally, never — happened to me. Not even once. I’m skeptical that it is a thing for anyone. I suspect those are just MBA fairytales. I’ve asked my partner and friends and it also has not happened to them in their working careers (all in excess of a decade).

No office for me. I like getting my work done, not listening to people prattle for hours about sports or their cats, thank you.

Apr 14

But Moral

Grandma fell for a love scam and is about to sell off everything she owns. Please help.

Sometimes, I wish my morals were a bit more degenerate as I think I’d be really good at scamming the hell out of lonely old people. I could totally rock that. I’d have them believing all sorts of insanity and sending me everything they’d ever earned while I sipped Mai Tais on the beach in Montenegro.

But alas, I just cannot bring myself to do that. Drat, these damn ethics and morals. They really hold one back.

Apr 14

Direct BS

Why do some people always get lost? Research suggests that experience may matter more than innate ability when it comes to a sense of direction.

Ah, bullshit. Another scientist lie. I have terrible sense of direction and have more experience than most. On the other hand, my partner has great sense of direction and she’s been to maybe 1/20 the places I have been.

I suspect this directional ability is mostly (80%+) innate (though practice can improve it) and is another area that scientists are compelled to lie about because “anyone can do anything” is the dominant paradigm now. I’m so bad with directions (especially in cities), that I used get lost sometimes driving home from work in Charlotte, NC — a place where I’d lived for nearly 10 years.

Apr 13


The truth is that ChatGPT is not very good, but is already smarter than 40-50% of humans. This is a sad reality.

Apr 12

Pigeons and Holes

Some people get visibly annoyed when they find out I’m an IT guy while being super-fit and muscular. It’s like I don’t fit in their stereotype bucket anymore, I think? That I’m not some slovenly, slobbery, unkempt heffalump as I am “supposed” to be.

People rely on pigeonholing and stereotyping more than anyone wants to really admit.

Apr 12


Man, just thinking back to the height of Covid when blue state scoldy people were like, The kids don’t need school or education! They can work in the fields and the mines like the olden days. They love it!

What the ever-livin’ hell was that about? Did they really believe it? Some appeared to. No one is going to be able to write a history of the Covid era that makes any sense. No one would buy a recounting of what actually occurred.