May 17


Friend of mine: The part that connects the hemispheres of the brain, can’t remember the name.

Me: Corpus callosum.

Friend of mine: No, that can’t be right. It’s something else.

Me: No, it’s the corpus callosum.

Friend: Ah, pretty sure that’s not it. I’m going to look it up.

Me: That’s it, I promise.

I looked it up and you’re totally right. I have a degree in neuroscience and now I’m not only embarrassed but wondering where the hell you came from.

Me: I come from the place where I’ve read like 10,000 plus books?

May 17

Bio 101

The moment where the trans and “there are 900 genders” people lost was when they started insisting biology doesn’t exist and that there are no differences between women and men. I know that’s when I abandoned them and I’m very liberal indeed.

I don’t oppose them, exactly, but I always try to stay away from crazy. And they’re fucking crazy so I want to have not the first thing to do with their policy proposals and ideas.

May 17

Compressed Mess

Seriously, how do people tolerate how bad Bluetooth audio is? I’m not even that sensitive to poor audio, and every Bluetooth headset I’ve ever listened to sounded like a 64Kb/s MP3 from 1999. Usually worse, but those are the “good” ones.

Damn, I cannot understand. I just can’t. It sounds like my dad’s eight track from 1976. It’s just intolerable.

May 16

Times New Mikean

In three and change years, I’ve gone from weighing just over 150 pounds to just under 170 pounds. My pants sizes is slightly smaller; that’s about 20 pounds of pure muscle added, not fat. I’m about three times stronger than I was in 2018.

I’ll never be quite as jacked or as strong as I was in the army because I won’t work out multiple hours a day every day again, but now that I work out more efficiently I got pretty close.

Highly recommended. Anyone who tells you it’s impossible is a liar who wants you to continue to wallow in your loserdom. Don’t listen to them or the Fat Acceptance clowns.

May 15


I’m stunned by what my boyfriend did after finding a burglar in our home.

Sounds fine to me. Do jungle stuff, jungle rules apply. Meting out some non-judicial justice is often the right answer. I’ve beaten up more than few people in my life (and been beaten up myself a lot too), and I doubt this guy enjoyed it. I never have. It just felt like something I had to do, a boring but necessary chore. Bet he’s the same too. Some people are just comfortable with violence and recognize its uses.

Note: I’ve never beaten up a woman or anyone weaker than me (at least who didn’t violently attack me first) and never will.

Sounds like a decent guy to me.

May 14


Yeah, I don’t think women can or ever will understand how little attention the average man gets and how disposable men are. The only women who understand are MtF folks.

The average (looks, intelligence, etc.) woman gets 100x times as much attention as even the very top men. And this is a curse, often, but it’s such a divergence between the two it’s shocking to people who realize it.

May 14

Never Be Me

And 99% of what academics call “plagiarism” is just total bullshit. I mean, almost all of the time who would even want to parrot your bunk-ass prose or ideas? I could never be an academic, for so many reasons.

May 14


Most men realize they are disposable and most women realize they have a sell-by date. The internet and social media has made those two truths all the more apparent to both genders. Further, those two facts and their corollary explain in large part why there is so much derangement, distress and drama at the moment.

May 14

Consequences and Outcomes

There’s a reason for that; you’re 20x (or more) likely to die on the table, or soon thereafter. I couldn’t find info for that specific type of surgery, but surgery is way more dangerous when you’re fat. And no, it’s not due to fucking medical discrimination.