Feb 24

Soul Stare

Whats one compliment you got that you remember till this day?

A very close friend of mine in high school told me that I could see everything about her so clearly that it was like my eyes were burning through right to her very soul.

She intended this as a compliment (despite how it sounds) but also said it was incredibly intense for someone to be able to do that. But I’d known her since kindergarten. I’d witnessed every step of her metamorphosis from an awkward, gawky shy isolato with a dead mom to a charismatic, extroverted and talented young woman. I’m not glad I grew up where I did, but I am glad I got to see that.

Feb 24


Am I allowed to be resentful of my guarded, introverted roommate?

This is why I make — for most people — a bad roommate. I don’t want to tell you about my life and don’t want to know about yours. I don’t want to do things together and don’t care what you’re doing (as long as you aren’t being noisy). I am just not naturally friendly and don’t want to be involved in most people’s lives.

The woman who wrote this sounds like a typical extrovert right clown who thinks others owe them time and attention. We do fucking not. Get over it.

Feb 23


I’ve noticed that even people who swore to mask “forever” aren’t doing that. The crazy done wore off a bit.