Awww YA

This is a great post.

Here’s how we solve the OMG SO MANY GIRLS IN YA problem: quit treating women like secondary appendages. Quit treating women’s art like it’s a niche, novelty creation only for girls. Quit teaching boys to fear the feminine, quit insisting that it’s a hardship for men to have to relate to anything that doesn’t specifically cater to them.

Anyone who’s not reading YA right now is missing the fuck out (no, I am not talking about Twilight). The best-plotted, best-written fiction in the world right now is being written there. There is no competition, not among literary fiction (which is mostly terrible), not among adult fiction, and not in sf or fantasy.

And wonderfully, it features any number of interesting, relatable and capable female characters.

No wonder it’s attracting so much hatred of late.