Block chain

Check out this latest bullshit from Mozilla.

If something is being displayed on my computer — that I paid for in full — over my internet connection that I paid for, in my house that I’m paying rent for, then I will block whatever the fuck I want to whenever the fuck I want to.

If you make it illegal, I will still do it.

Where this is going is that Mozilla will eventually ban/remove/eliminate all ad-blocking software and add-ons, etc. from the ecosystem.

This was in part why the requirement for add-on signing was recently instated, to please corporate entities in the lead-up to this.

Next will be not signing any ad-blocking add-ons so they won’t run on the browser.

Think that won’t happen? Oh, but it will. Their moves have been obvious and telegraphed for years now. As easy to predict as the sun rising.

Also, realize that what Denelle Dixon-Thayer is paid a lot of money to produce finely-honed corporate legalese. One must read between the lines, behind the lines, and through the lines. What she appears to be saying isn’t actually what she’s saying. The BS about centering the user is a distraction.

Summed up, the post is actually saying, “Blocking ads is harming corporate entities and we must do something about that to ‘protect’ the user from not seeing ads that companies who pay us very want the user to see. We will ‘center the user’ by allowing corporate entities to center ads on the web page her or she is viewing — ads that cannot be blocked (if they pay us).”