A super weird thing about the Covidians is that they insist there were no real lockdowns anywhere. When questioned about what a “real lockdown” would look like, they are maddeningly evasive and do not give a comprehensible answer.

It appears that their reasoning (if it can be called that) is happening in reverse. That is:

1) Covid did not disappear.

2) Lockdowns (somehow) would’ve eradicated Covid.

3) Therefore, there were no real lockdowns.

Of course here in the real world, we know that lockdown was an actual fact in many countries and did not eradicate Covid as, for one, humans are not the only reservoir for the virus. Not to mention the fact that lockdowns were never intended to do what the Covidians claim they were and they harmed millions greatly — which the Covidians also deny.

Once you understand that there are tons of unexpressed religious feelings needing redirection in society, you begin to understand much.