Feb 27


Is there even a thing called unsolicited boob pic?

Yes. Way back when Craigslist used to have personals, a woman I’d exchanged all of two emails with decided to send me some nude photos, completely unasked for and not related to any previous interaction we’d had. No idea why — we’d barely chatted.

I told her that I wasn’t really looking for anything like that just yet as I didn’t really know her. She ghosted me after that, but so what? Obviously not a match.

But it does happen.

Feb 27

Data Blam

Something else China will strike in the US (with advanced warning of 30 minutes to an hour) in the coming war: AWS and Azure datacenters.

Can almost guarantee this will happen. Just FYI.

Feb 26


Anyone here become part of management without degree?

I now have a bachelor’s degree, but I’ve been in management roles in IT since my 20s with no degree. I’ve switched back and forth between individual contributor roles and management roles depending on what paid better and what I felt like doing in my career.

But it’s easier to break into management if you have a degree for sure. I certainly have not gotten roles or been ineligible for them because I had no degree.

Feb 26


I recently finished The Deep by Nick Cutter. I read a lot of books but that one has cycled through my thoughts in the past couple of days for some reason.

I didn’t even like it all that much. It was very repetitive and not particularly thoughtful. The ending was a real corker, though. That’s why it has gotten stuck in my head I think. The denouement reminded me of the best parts of Hellraiser. Someone with more time on their hands than I have could edit 100 pages out of the work and really improve it.

Not recommended, but that ending — dang.

Feb 25

Bon Hoz

Today, I figured out Bon Iver and Hozier are not in fact the same entity.

They both suck so who cares. But now I know.

Feb 25

You Get Knocked Down

I get pretty tired while working out, but the most exhausted I’ve ever been in my life was from fighting. That’s a whole different kind of spent there.

One fight I got into, I got knocked down (not from a head hit) and I was so damn wiped out that I could not even lift my arm up off the ground. Luckily I’d knocked the other guy down at the same time so I had a little time to recover.

The only film I’ve seen portray this aspect of fighting relatively realistically is Atomic Blonde (I linked to the correct time in the video there). Just like Charlize and her attacker in that bit, all I could do was roll around on the floor uselessly for 10-15 seconds. No film is realistic as to fighting, but that one felt far more real than most.