Dec 02


Listening to old Willie Nelson songs and reading about Popperian falsification. Incidentally, Firefox wants to correct “Popperian” to “Pomeranian.”

Nah, that’s a little different. Just a little bit.

Dec 02


She aptly uses Windows 95 as a metaphor for the optimism toward the future we all felt back then. Great song. The Win 95 reference is particularly appropriate given that the interface and base design was in fact a huge leap forward for usability and functionality, as opposed to what we experience now — where all is regression, drastically-reduced functionality, algorithmic oppression and data-thievin’ on a massive scale.

Regarding the video itself, I’d say “Lady, Those Eyes” about covers it. As I’ve said many a time before, I like my TVs dumb and my women smart.

Dec 02

Old Escole

A show I was just watching was set in 1307 in Paris. It annoyed me because they were speaking French, but it wasn’t Old French. It was completely modern. I know I am a language nerd but that took me right out of it. They hadn’t even made it up to Middle French at that time and the French spoken in 1307 would’ve sounded way hella different than what we hear now.

Ah well.

Dec 01


Michael Jordan’s ball faking ability.

Liberals: Anyone could get this good if they put in their 10,000 hours! Natural talent doesn’t exist.

Reality: Umm hell no. I and most people could practice for 10,000 years and never even get 1/100 this good.

Practice matters. You certainly can get better at something. But it’s not nearly enough.

Dec 01


When I was in the UK recently with a friend, we ran into this insanity:

We noped right on out of there. (I don’t mind soy milk, but damn, who wants anything from a café that doesn’t even have actual milk? And café au lait without true milk sounds purely evil. Blech.)