Jul 21

Not All or Even Most

Strangely, despite what feminism tells women all men are like, I have not felt even the slightest desire to rape or sexually assault anyone in my entire life.

Funny that.

Jul 21


CrowdStrike pushing an incredibly buggy update is a symptom of the industry eliminating QA teams, moving to CI/CD and foisting testing off on customers.

Of course this would never end well. And it hasn’t even gone well before the CrowdStrike disaster. This is MBA thinking applied to the IT industry. Just want to point out that this single CrowdStrike incident almost certainly cost far, far more (I’d estimate 1000x more) than all the MBAs in all the world ever saved by getting rid of QA and making customers into beta testers.

Will anything change? Of course not.

Jul 20

Date Rate

Another weird past dating experience: She asked me what music I liked, so I named some artists.

Then she said something about she didn’t listen to anything but classical. So I said, “Ah, cool! I love a lot of classical” and then listed my favorite artists and works in that genre.

After that, she got very cold towards me and barely talked. Later on I figured out she was attempting to be superior to me in some way and wanted to hold the “classical music” thing over my head to demonstrate that. When I came back immediately in the conversation (this was in person, no phones) with a list of composers and works off the top of my head, she lost that “advantage.”

But if you’re gonna try to hold anything over me in a real-time convo, you better come with more knowledge and understanding than most people have any hope of ever attaining in 10,000 lifetimes. She had no shot. And I’m glad I failed her stupid little test.

Jul 20


We really went wrong by telling all women they are magical sparkle fairy princesses who are children until they are 40 while simultaneously impressing upon all men that they are despicable rapey creeps who can never do anything right, cursed eternally by their sex alone.

That is not working out well at all.

Jul 20


This is our new house, by the way:

It’s a little cramped inside as there’s just not mushroom in there.

Jul 20


It’s 9PM and it’s still 93 degrees in non-commie numbers. This is entirely too hot for the proverbial pancakes.

Jul 19


When Evil Lurks (2023).

This film is ok. Has some good scenes. And it was nice to hear the Argentinean Spanish. But the protagonist and his brother are so damn stupid and do so many moronic things it’s hard to really feel anything about it at all. They bring the worst of it all upon themselves.

They definitely belong as full-time residents of downtown Clowntown.