Nov 13

Regressive Pro

This is the world many progressives wish for us to return to:

In most parts of the United States people were virtually without fresh fruit and green vegetables from late autumn to late spring. During this time they consumed quantities of starches, in the form of pies, doughnuts, potatoes, and hot bread, which few would venture to absorb today. The result was that innumerable Americans were in sluggish health during the months of late winter and early spring, when their diet was short of vitamins.

That’s historian Frederick Lewis Allen from The Big Change: America Transforms Itself, 1900-50. The progressive fantasy of eating local only, regressing technologically into a world that never existed is just that — pure delusion. Most people, even the ones who clamor for that, would not want to live that way. To say that there is much wrong with our current world is true. But no one, other than for performative reasons, really wants to go back to that far worse time, though progressive brain deficiencies might cause it regardless.

Nov 13


What, exactly, is Hillary Clinton doing?

Oh yeah, she’s going to run. The article is wrong. 2020 will be a mess. This time, she won’t be running to win — she’ll be running to make sure Warren and/or Sanders (if they end on the ticket together) don’t win. (If Biden gets the nom, though, she’ll stay out.)

Nov 13


Harley-Davidson and the culture around the company is weird because it’s the largest cosplay in the world: it’s a bunch of middle-age and elderly men pretending to be rough-and-tumble, devil-may-care bikers.

This is really, really odd when you think about it.

Nov 12


I have gained 3 inches on my chest since I started working out a year ago — a big reason so many of my clothes no longer fit.

That was a lot of hard work.

Nov 11

Progress Now

Fucking Christ. The progressives won’t be happy until everyone is a malnourished urchin freezing their ass off in a pod, prostrate before whatever plutocrat is closest.

Nov 11


I wonder how much dye it was take to turn Jupiter pink or blue for a gender reveal party?

I’d have to think about this, but I bet that there are some non-dye chemical reactions you could use, given Jupiter’s composition, to get one or both of those colors more easily. Hmmm, more research is required. Might be able to reduce the dye (or whatever) needed from 10^12 tons to something more manageable like 10^8.

Nov 09


I have this same problem with Microsoft Office on Mac and Windows.

By far my least favorite issue is the constant battle I have with locale – I’m not sure if the document creators local was set to EN-US or if my system config is not correct, but every time I try and force the document to EN-AU it seems to switch back seemingly on a per-section basis or something.

If I type in French, even if I type no English and paste nothing into the document, certain sections seemingly randomly switch to English thus putting damn red squiggles under nearly all my French words.

I don’t understand how this can work so poorly. If I say the document is in French, I mean it and I mean it for the whole document. I continue to mean it even if I do type one apparently (to MS Office) English word.

Nov 08

Smart and Evil

Google wants to kill URLs and HTTP, among other things, so they can control the web. It’s not surprising but what does bother me is just how many people buy their propaganda without a second thought. It is because many who do work for Google are smart that the company can get away with such nonsense.

Google is like a very erudite mugger. I could expound for hours on why it’s a good for society, for the world, for the very future of civilization, even, that you hand your wallet over to me forthwith. I could regale you with tales of the glories of voluntary redistribution, the thoughts of St. Louise de Marillac on the value of charity, quote Ecclesiastes on the futility of wealth, and I’d have you believing you owed me your wallet and your fealty if you let me bloviate on long enough.

That I can toss out so much knowledge and am well-spoken doesn’t mean what I am saying isn’t absolute horseshit. The same is true of Google and the statements of their apologists and propagandists. That they can summon a well-polished argument doesn’t make it true. It just means they went to schools that trained them to sell BS by the word.

But it works and they are going to win — some well-dressed, eloquent muggers will walk away with all our wallets.