Clothing designed for no one

This is so extremely true.

Despite the fact that men 5’8″ and below are about 35% of the male population, there are basically no clothes made for men that size.

I’m 5’8″ and I’ve literally gone to eight clothing stores in a day and emerged with not a single casual shirt that fit. Not a single fucking one.

So that means for some reason the fashion industry ignores about 35% of the male market.

I thought with the sophisticated forecasting and acquisition software that this would’ve changed. But my guess is it went like this in MBA central: “No one is buying medium and small! So we don’t need to stock those!” (Despite the fact that they never really had any to baseline against.)

I wear the same shirt all the time because I can’t find any others that really fit well.

I always laugh when the FA idiots complain about not being able to find clothes that fit.*

Well, join the fucking club — that happens to damn near everyone as the fashion industry makes clothes for people who are about 5% of the population.

*These days it is much, much easier to find 3XL and 4XL+ and above than it is to find any mediums or smalls.