Hardly anyone ever comments anyway, but I’ve disabled comments on this blog. Anyone who knows me can email me. That I value. The rest I don’t really care about.

And it’s not that I don’t value other people’s thoughts and opinions in the abstract at least, but drive-by comments on blogs by people who know very little about me or typically about the subject at hand are almost always a waste of time. That’s just my personal opinion on the matter – others find much value in their blog’s comment section and I can understand and respect that.

For most people comments are usually enabled as social validation and to the extent that I need that, the blog itself suits the purpose. Truth is I’d probably write it anyway even if no one read it (which is nearly the case as it is!).

My thoughts formerly were the diametrical opposite, but as the internet has changed and has become less valuable and less useful to people like me, my thoughts have changed as well.