Though I did not almost die, this reminds me of the last time I went to the dentist.

Today, I almost died after getting an epidural in my neck. The medicine paralyzed my entire body, including my diaphragm and lungs. The doctor tried to say it was a panic attack. I had turned blue. FML

A bit through my dental procedure, the dentist (who was very young; I assume he was new) asked me why my eyes were watering so much. Through the gauze and such, I mumbled, “Because it hurts a whole lot.” He asked me if I wanted to stop and get more anesthetic injected. I told him no, and to just go ahead since he said it would be short anyway. I didn’t say this, but I wanted to be in the chair as little a time as possible as the social aspect for me is far worse than the pain.

As promised, it was a short procedure. However, as I was walking out I noticed that my nose, the orbit of my eye, my forehead and some parts of my scalp were all numb. My mouth, however, was not. He anesthetized the wrong nerve — maybe the ophthalmic instead of the mandibular? I don’t know. But either way that’s how I got to feel the full force of a dental drill going at my teeth.

Do not recommend.