I’m curious if the sexual dimorphism of human females were genetically eliminated, how that would affect the likelihood or sexual harassment, rape and other similar crimes and insults.

Much of that behavior is caused by culture in the immediate sense, no doubt, but I wonder how much culture would shift if the greater physical threat were in principal more equalized.

Speaking from personal experience, I was raised in a culture where fighting for males was the norm and was widely accepted — expected, even. I grew up fighting because I had no choice — because I was male and a complete misfit growing up in the rural South. (On that note, really fucking funny how my dad thought I was effeminate and weak and not manly, when I got in a fistfight nearly every day at school for years*.)  I’m smaller than probably 65% of US males, but that size differential versus the cultural expectations under which I grew up — and my own nature — hasn’t prevented me from confronting harassers, bullies and other dregs of society when called to it, even when alone or sorely outmatched.

I’m not trying to glorify myself or to blame the victims for not fighting back. Mainly just thinking aloud. Anyway, there’s little glory in beating someone’s head in even if they are a bully and do very much deserve it. Most people haven’t fought much and aren’t very good at it, so it’s almost like taking advantage of them when they stroll in with such confidence — getting by on intimidating people with their size and bluster for years — and find someone who knows how to fight and better yet (but worse for them), enjoys it and likes bleeding and likes righteous pain and likes the red mist of hand-to-hand combat.

But enough about my mental problems.

I’m guessing over time if sexual dimorphism were genetically eliminated, the change would precipitate a cultural shift toward far less harassment and sexual violence. More men would be more afraid if Cassie from accounting could also bench 200 pounds, in other words.

I’m not saying that’s the only way to get there, but I like thinking about possibilities. I am also sure that this post will offend in some way nearly anyone who reads it — whether it’s the violence, the talk of monkeying with the human genome, or a million things I’ve not thought of. But so be it. I’m a die-hard liberal, but I’m a militant one, and I won’t be shoved into the milquetoast mode that most liberals seem to adore.

Liberals spend too much time worrying about hurting feelings, and not enough time out there offending sensibilities and breaking shit. Not gonna be me, sorry.

*I even had a pair of steel-toed boots that I wore for a year as they were really good for taking someone out at the knees — I mainly used these on a few really bad higher-grade bullies who were so much taller than me that I couldn’t even punch them in the face easily. Quite a bit easier to reach their faces when they are on the ground crying.