Dual (no Spielberg)

It blows my fucking mind when people who do programming and such and don’t use (at least) dual monitors. How?

Having dual monitors (or more) increased my productivity so vastly much. I am literally 1/4 as fast at real work when I am stuck on a single display. It’s so agonizingly terrible that I just can’t comprehend how anyone can live with it who is doing any serious work. I don’t know how they get anything at all done.

This is no criticism of Alice; it obviously works for her and she is very successful. But fuck, I’d be unemployable if I had to use a single display as I’d be just worthless for work. Tasks that I can do in a day now would take me four days. My mind just does not and never will work that way. You can just do so much more, so much faster with dual monitors or more.