Failure acceptance movement

Why the fat acceptance movement can go fuck itself.

You know what, I’ve been very fit. Extremely fit. For about five years in the army, I worked out 2-4 hours every weekday. Everyone around me was equally or even more fit.

And you know how often we thought about fat people, or shaming fat people, or spent even one single second contemplating fat people?

Not one second. Not one.

These people are so self-obsessed that not for one moment do they consider that almost nothing others do — and certainly not going to the gym and/or posting selfies of progress — has anything at all to do with them or with fat shaming. It literally has nothing at all to do with them, and I can guarantee that none (or nearly none) of the fit people they inveigh against has a single thought nor care for how fat others are.

No one goes to the gym to fat shame. No one posts selfies to shame others. Don’t like the posts about people doing healthy things, don’t read the goddamn things. Simple as that.

The fat acceptance movement had a possibility once of being something useful and meaningful, but is a joke and harmful to both itself and to society, and I will oppose it at every turn.