I understand that this is a thought experiment, but this is false dichotomy of a particularly pernicious type that liberals are especially enamored of. It is possible to have both of these things, especially since productivity has increased so vastly much since it took 6-12 weeks to get orders delivered.

In the liberal mind, one can only achieve one good thing if one is punished somewhere else — it’s kind of like a BDSM relationship with reality.

Yes, I frequently use Amazon Prime and like it. But that’s not why I am pushing back against this. I disagree with the implicit reasoning because this is how you get a worse, more impoverished world, not a better one. Too long to go into the reasons here, as I try to keep all posts to this blog five minutes of writing and under.

Regardless, properly fund the Postal Service again, make it a truly public entity again, and everyone could have Amazon — or anything at all — Prime, with a better use of resources and a better outcome for everyone altogether.

Done and done — no ridiculous false dichotomies anywhere.