Finding things

I’ve gotten so good at finding the real location of things on vague, poorly-drawn, out-of-scale and misleading maps that sometimes I even scare myself.

Sometimes, I have almost nothing to go on to find a trailhead or location. For instance, this is what I started with for this trail, though I later found a vague map that helped. Sometimes though I just have words and I still usually manage to find the location. I just happened to use as an example the one I was looking for right now.

I found the trailhead in less than three minutes.

Here it is.

That one wasn’t even hard, really.

When I started this project, it might have taken me half an hour to find it. Or I might have never found it. That’s how much better I’ve gotten at this in the past year.

If it exists, at this point I can pretty much find it.

Useless skill #678.