Fuck keyboard shortcuts

About those who think that keyboard shortcuts are the sine qua non of computer use, how about this: fuck you.

I use or work on seven differerent OSes regularly or semi-regularly. Yes, that is correct. Seven.

I use not-very-regularly seven more.

That’s 14 different OSes that I use. Now tell me, how am I supposed to even begin to remember all of the shortcut keys for all of the OSes and applications that I use?

For the disbelievers, here are the OSes I use regularly or semi-regularly:

1) Windows 2003 Server

2) Windows XP

3) Windows 98

4) Windows 2008 Server

5) Windows 2012 Server

6) Linux Mint (MATE edition)

7) Windows 7

Here are those I use not-very-regularly, but more than once every 3-4 months:

1) Solaris 10

2) Novell 4.1 and 5 (too similar to list separately)

3) Windows 95 (legacy system at work)

4) Windows 2000 server

5) Windows NT 4.0 (legacy system at work)

6) KDE on Linux (keyboard shortcuts are vastly different in this)

7) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Yep, many Windows versions use the same keyboard shortcuts. However, they differ between every version slightly, and it is impossible to remember what works in Windows XP and what doesn’t in Windows server 2008 and vice versa.

Not to mention the dozens to hundreds of admin tools I use on a weekly basis, all of which have different keyboard shortcuts.

Your reliance on keyboard shortcuts tells me only that you are probably mostly in one OS and one application 95% of the time. Good for you.

For some of us, that is not possible.

And yes, I do really know how to use all of those OSes, and about a dozen more. I’ve been at this shit for a long time.