By | January 8, 2019

Aye. It’s pretty refreshing. The narrative is that she’s unintelligent because she occasionally gets a fact wrong (that’ve usually been widely misreported in the press for many years). This is by the same people, of course, who’ve been getting all the facts wrong for the past 30 years. About the major things, though, she’s dead right and much more knowledgeable than her interlocutors.

People, even those operating in good faith, are more reacting to her tone and approach than anything. She doesn’t act or speak like a politician, and it turns out that many people are only comfortable with politicians who are trying to hoodwink them, no matter what they say they want. She’s moving, nearly all by herself, the Dems away from corporate centrist warmongering. She’s truly only an FDR liberal, not some kind of mega-communist, but since the Overton window has been shifted so much to many people her ideas seem outlandish when in 1960 they’d have just seemed normal.

The establishment narrative is turning hard against her because she and her ilk are going to make rich people less rich. That’s all of what you’re seeing now.

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