Saying that you’re obese because of your genetics is like saying that you smoke because of your genetics, or that you’re an alcoholic because of your genetics. Or a criminal. Etc.

Yes, people have different metabolisms. Mine for instance is quite slow. And there are certain genetic tendencies. The evidence is pretty clear on this.

But look, I come from a family of fat violent criminal drug-addicted alcoholic rednecks. Seriously. My girlfriend once said, “The only way I see your family is in mugshots.” And she was 100 percent right.

But I’m not fat, I’m no longer violent, I’m not an alcoholic and most people would not identify me as a redneck any longer either. And I’ve never touched any drugs.

I somehow changed my genetics on several different axes!

Only, not.

“Genetics” is just an excuse. So what if something is a little harder for you than it is for me. Or vice versa. My partner can eat 500-800 more calories a day than I can and stay below my weight easily*.

Fair? No. Worth starting a movement on Tumblr for? No. I do what adults do: I fucking deal.

But we are not a nation of adults. We are a nation of delusional children who prefer to be coddled with the comforting contrivance than to deal with the disturbing truth.

*And yep, I do know exactly what I eat and count it accurately, because I eat very very very little, so it’s easy to keep track of. Usually one small item for breakfast 3-4 times a week, one small lunch, one moderate dinner, and a 1-2 ounce sweet of some kind at night. And that’s it. I never vary and never go beyond this.