This movie could be interesting, though it’s not a new idea. The novel Galatea 2.2 which I read many years ago — well, someone obviously had read it also and was inspired by it. As in the novel, the male character in the film is a writer. Pretty clear sign there.

This idea — this conceit — is not new at all however. Orson Scott Card had Jane*. Robert Heinlein had Minerva. Star Trek: TNG had Minuet.

And of course the real love story of Iron Man is Tony Stark and Jarvis.

*And one of the worst betrayals in history was Ender Wiggin turning Jane’s external interface to the world off briefly for idiotic reasons, which at her rate of thought was the equivalent of locking you in a dark room for a billion years. (Why yes, I have read a lot — why do you ask?)