I’m used to my privilege of being a straight white male, but I am not often consciously aware of it because it is the water in which I swim.

Being used to this privilege and nearly always receiving the benefit of the doubt as a result of it, it is really strange when I’ve ventured into completely mom-dominated environments where men are either completely invisible or treated in an extremely hostile manner.

Ignore the evo-psych explanation later on in the linked post, though.

There are places and situations that moms claim as their domain and men are not welcome unless they’re with a mom and relegated to holding packages or minding the kids while the mom takes care of the important business.  Anywhere or in any situation where mothers run the show—playgrounds, supermarkets, shoe stores, doctors’ waiting rooms, the spaces outside schools where parents wait to pick up their kids—men without women, even dads with kids in tow, are greeted with cold indifference if not outright hostility.

It’s really illuminating when this happens because it allows me to understand how many people must experience the world nearly all of the time. And it is not pleasant.