Yes, that is exceedingly odd, but it’s the same in music. For instance, all women musicians are “guilty pleasures” to most dudes.

All I hope is that one day soon I can again lift weights like a girl:

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Worked up to 405 at my #deadliftparty for my birthday 😀 I reallllly wanted to hit a PR on my birthday this year but 10 days ago I strained one of my adductors, so I’ve been resting and made a promise to myself I would go by honest feel, only take 3 singles total, and if everything felt great still only work up to 90% of what I was originally planning on hitting. Everything felt great better than I could have ever hoped, a little slow, so I did 370, 390, 405 for my attempts. Pretty thrilled overall with this. 450 you’re still mine, just later in the year 🙂 . #deadlift #deadlifts #deadliftday #favoriteday #powerlifting #zelda #girlswhopowerlift #powerliftingwomen #birthdaydeadlifts #birthdaycelebration #mykindofparty #nerd #nerdfitness

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