I don’t know if I have dyscalculia, but this is certainly what the operational (actually working out problems) side of math feels like:

Reading the stories of other people in the post, I probably do have dyscalculia I’d guess. Their experiences seem so similar to mine — trying 100x as hard in math as any other class, and still understanding nothing and failing completely.

Like many in that thread, I’m great with reasoning but just abysmal with numbers and figuring out any problems in math. It all just looks like utter chaos to me and always does, no matter how much I practice or study. On the 1600-point SAT, I got an 800 on the reading/verbal portion (highest score you can get). And I did not study for it for a single second. I got a 480 on the math part and studied for that for six months straight for 2-3 hours a day. All that effort for a fuckin’ 480. What a waste of time. I would’ve gotten the same math score if I’d done nothing.

People have told me that I’m lazy and just not trying in math. But I’m very stubborn and was definitely trying. Did not matter even a little bit.