Not a Good Night

Apple just totally fucked me over.

This means that fonts will look atrocious even on Retina displays. What the fuck. Why would they do this? This makes me so fucking angry considering how much money I’ve spent on Apple hardware over the last few years. Fuck me. This removes the entire reason to even have a 5K display, which still requires sub-pixel anti-aliasing to look good.

By the way, yes I know how it will look as this is the same change as going to System Preferences-->General-->Use LCD Font Smoothing When Available.

I am not sure what this means for me exactly as far my computing environment goes. In the short term, I just won’t upgrade to Mojave. In the medium term, it means that I will eventually get rid of all my Apple hardware and move either to Linux (most likely) or Windows just because it’s also shitty but much cheaper to run.

I am indescribably angry right now. That’s about $15,000 down the fucking toilet.

Fuck you, Apple. Fuck you very much.

(In the medium term, I will be selling three 5K iMacs and an older (late 2013) MacBook Pro within the next year or so, if anyone is interested.)