The better you are at reasoning numerically, the more likely you are to let your political bias skew your quantitative reasoning.

I’m absolutely terrible at numerical reasoning — worse than many five-year-olds — so that must mean I am a frickin’ genius!

This might be part of the way to explaining or at least examining what I call engineeritis.

I don’t really appreciate how the article conflates numerical reasoning with intelligence, but that’s very common.

If you give me a numerical or strictly logic-based IQ test, I will score in the mildly mentally-retarded range, no matter how hard I try. If you give me a more word-based such test, I will score off the charts.

That’s why when I say that no amount or method of teaching me operational (rather than conceptual) math is likely to work.

And yet the quant types are always amazed when I can look at a huge mound of data, spend much less time doing anything with it, and get something out of it they never saw or ever could see.