Only twice inflation, that’s all

Fuck, I hate Obamacare supporters.

Is that all, Kevin? A rate increase of only 5.4 percent? Only twice inflation?

And with no rise in incomes in the past or foreseeable future?

These fucknuggets are smoking some grade A hash, people.

And anyone in the comments who cites a real massive increase is either accused of lying or that their story is “atypical” if they offer substantive proof.

I know the Democrats hitched their busted-ass wagons to the bunko that is the ACA, but ignoring all evidence, telling people suffering under the strictures of the ACA that they are “lying” when they are struggling to pay premiums and attempting to convince ACA victims that it’s a good thing — well, it doesn’t cast you in a very favorable light, really.

The ACA helped a few people. So what? So does every war and mass murder.

Doesn’t make it a good thing.