Aug 08

Alien menace

In a dream I was off to fight the aliens, packed tight with other fighters in a shuttlecraft bound for the alien ship. I was chosen because I was one of the few humans – being such a stubborn dude– who was resistant to their mind control techniques.

I guess even in a dream being so bullheaded has its uses.

Aug 07


Fuck all the Firefox developers.

The whole reason Firefox became successful is because it did not cater to the morons.

Now that it is doing so, I have to resort to increasingly lengthy and insane hacks to get it to work as it should work. Why has the last decent browser standing decided that it must remove all useful options?

In the future, it’s clear that there will be no power user OS or browser, and the options to craft a browser to be actually usable will even be removed, for “simplicity.”

So that some moron who can’t find their fucking start menu can be catered to, I have to endure an absolutely shitty UI and useless tools.

Guess I am sticking with the Firefox version I am on now for as long as I can.

Damn, I hate this idiot. Since he joined the project in 2009, the whole browser has gotten worse and continues to get worse. I now spend somewhere around 4 hours after installing it making it usable again.

Aug 07

Lighthouses don’t float away

It’s interesting to me that we make such effort to restore and preserve outmoded lighthouses that if built new would be seen as an eyesore.

I wonder if one day people will make the same effort to preserve “historic” cell phone towers and power generation wind turbine installations. I suspect so in some cases.

It’s human nature to view as right and proper what has always been there, when always equals “since I was born.”

Aug 06

Fairly sure

I weighed 200 pounds once. Now I don’t. I weigh around 150. But I have to eat around 1,200-1,400 calories on an average day to maintain this weight. That is not much.

My partner – who is two inches shorter than me and weighs thirty pounds less – eats more food than I do.

For her to reach and then sustain my former 200 pounds, I calculated that she’d have to eat roughly four times as much food as I do now.

For her to reach and sustain my current weight of 150 pounds, she’d have to eat 1.8x as much food as I do. That’s just how much faster her metabolism is.

Life isn’t fair at all, but I am still very glad I lost all that weight.

At a rough guess, she eats 1.2x – 1.4x as much as I do now, and still weighs less without effort. Metabolism bites. Or doesn’t let you bite, as the case may be.

Aug 06


I’m fast. Just born that way. But I’d give anything to be this fast.

The other player’s reaction is priceless.

Aug 03


I noticed this bullshit the other day when I went to download Filezilla from Sourceforge.

Had to find it somewhere else as the Sourceforge download came with spyware. Very sad, as Sourceforge is where I get probably 80% of the free software I use.

Someone decided to cash in, I guess.

Though it’s not directly related, pretty amazing that due to the war on general purpose computing that though bandwidth gets cheaper all the time, binaries on the internet are getting harder to find and to download.

One day, it will likely be de facto illegal to download them as they might be used to infringe copyright somehow.

Aug 02


We pathologize and demonize the preferences of teenage girls.

Nice excoriation of that GQ article, too. I actually like a lot of the writing in GQ, but that is a piece of crap.

Meanwhile, won’t someone do something about those white people? I mean, do they have to always act like that?

And to switch gears again, if you’ve ever seen male sports fan bawling like a baby when his team loses, you’ll realize that sort of behavior mentioned in the article is only bad when a girl does it.

Yet people will come out of the woodwork to say how that’s different.

Aug 01

Papering over it

I’ve noticed that a deli where we routinely get sandwiches has switched to using cheaper, flimsier paper to wrap them.

To compensate for the flimsy paper, the sandwich makers have started using two sheets of it.

I am sure an executive somewhere got a bonus for that. Saving money, donthca know.

And yet no money is being saved and customers aren’t any happier. Instead, time is wasted, processes are less efficient and everyone is unhappy.

That sums up the imperatives and manias of modern American business in one example.

Aug 01


My Exchange-based webmail accidentally got arranged in conversation view somehow.

I couldn’t find a goddamn thing. Couldn’t even tell when I got new mail. I mean, I saw the pop-up, but I had to do an actual search to find the email.

I know some people prefer that, but if I had to use it I’d spend two hours searching for each email. I’m sure I’d get better at it eventually and cut it down to one hour, but still even that is ridiculous.

Aug 01

Who cares about the other side?

When you keep three people imprisoned in your home against their will for a decade, you don’t get to have an “other side.”

There are crimes so terrible and grave that it invalidates everything else about you. Concentration camp executioner who pets puppies and helps old ladies cross streets? Who cares. That “concentration camp executioner” role is not some minor quibble. It defines you forever.

Life isn’t fair even to the despicable. And life doesn’t have any do-overs, take-backs and resets. It’s not a video game. Castro is worthless scum and the world would be better off without him, no matter how many puppies he pets or how much litter he picks up.