PHEPH to the left, PHEPH to the right

Why do you need to rationalize eating meat?

I don’t have any qualms about eating anything that has no foreknowledge of death.

Despite what this article implies, humans did evolve eating meat and to digest meat. In fact our big brains likely would not have been able to evolve without consistent meat-eating over millions of years.

Past evolution should not shape current behavior by necessity but pretending that eating meat requires some sort of huge rationalization leap speaks more about the ideology of the authors of the paper than any real scientific or even pseudo-scientific conclusion.

Is meat-eating ethical? Our descendents with lab-grown meat will probably not believe it to be. And perhaps they will be right.

But these people have not proved their point, rather only reached for evidence that matched their pre-ordained conclusion.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc and all that.