Power user abuser

Microsoft, Canonical and Gnome are not alone in removing features that power users need to work from their OSes and interfaces. Apple is doing it, too.

It really has me worried about what people who actually know how to do things with their computers are going to manage in a few years. What will be left for them? I do a great deal of work on my computers, most of which simply cannot be done in a playtoy interface with all useful features relegated to the dust heap.

What sort of damn sense does it make to remove a feature from your desktop OS so that it can be like your tablet OS? That’s like tossing out your living room couch because it can’t fit in your car. It just makes no sense at all.

Nearly all content is created by people who actually know how to use their machines quite well and 100% need a powerful, configurable environment.

What are we supposed to do when everything of any use is taken away?