I’m constantly surprised by the shitty experiences people will subject themselves to interface-wise for the sake of just a little more convenience or supposed (usually false) simplicity.

Convenience isn’t worth that much to me, and simplicity – even when it’s actual simplicity, not just making things ten times harder with a bubble gum interface – will never trump power for me.

Mainly now I am thinking about Windows 8, and all those who now use only their phones to browse the internet.

I cannot even imagine subjecting myself to such torture.

Well, as I’ve observed before, the advantage to me is that I will be vastly, vastly more productive than these people as I use real tools that are both configurable and powerful, and in a corporate environment these people who’ve never seen (as they get older) a real computer and have never typed with more than two fingers will be totally lost. And slow.

No competition? Works for me. Keep using shitty phones and  Windows 8. I’ll be using real tools to. Get. Shit. Done.