See Why

I now see why women 35-50 get so angry about age gap relationships.

It’s because if you’re an attractive, fit, successful man 40-50, young women 20-28 are in fact very drawn to you. Of course women older than that want to make it immoral! Those younger women are huge competition for them, especially if they’ve allowed themselves to get very obese (most of them), unattractive, and with zero libido. In other words, it has nothing to do with protection from harm and everything to do with protection from competition.

When I’m out in public without my partner these days, hoo boy, I’d be spoiled for choice if I cared. And it’s not usually older women making eyes at me; it’s invariably women 20-28 or so. (Sometimes younger, but I don’t pay them any attention at all.)

So, nothing to do with morality and everything to do with it sucks to be an older woman who has completely let herself go, and you’ve got younger hotties nipping at your heels and wanting your husband.