Anne Truitt on Compassion, Humility, and How to Cure Our Chronic Self-Righteousness.

All of Tumblr needs to read this.

Recently on Tumblr I witnessed someone saying that Aubrey Plaza, who is a Latina woman, is not a “real” Latina since she can pass for white.

This sort of thing isn’t restricted to Tumblr, of course, but a lot of these people do hang out there.

My girlfriend was recently reading to me excerpts from a site about unconventional weddings where a woman with Native American heritage had incorporated some NA elements into her wedding.

A commenter promptly signed on to tell her that she wasn’t a real Native American.

Though I don’t completely agree with it, as I believe in social justice, there’s a reason that “Social Justice Warrior” has become a pejorative. It’s not just the Right attempting to besmirch the name. No, these people do it just fine all by themselves.

This is not a cohesive social movement; this is a bunch of whining babies attempting to one-up one another in the Oppression Olympics and having contests to see who can call out someone the fastest.

If the Left wants the win the culture wars, it’s going to have to do better than that.