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By | February 11, 2019

That might be the best and most incisive tweet ever written, and the scope in which I prefer to think. I get tired of people telling me all the things that are impossible. Over very long time scales anything that doesn’t violate the laws of physics is possible. One needs only look at humanity’s short history to see that very clearly.

In many ways, we’re still apes playing with stone tools on the savannah. We don’t always have to be that, no matter what you’ve heard. Just because something seems impossible now doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way. Don’t get trapped in the mundane, amongst the ahistorical and depressive “nothing is possible” crowd where everything from a spinning Jenny to a lightbulb would’ve been deemed “just not possible.”

Most people have no imagination and no idea of the vast scope of time or the concept of plateaus and knowledge consolidation and how this leads to easier climbs up yet higher slopes.

I have no time for those who don’t want to climb, and even less who don’t understand that there is a climb to be done.