Funny how if you say anything bad about Islam, you are Islamophobic but in the very same communities many people are lining up left and right to slam Christianity.

This is why and how liberals get a bad name. The excesses of both Islam and Christianity are worth denigrating.

I haven’t really discussed Islamophobia on this blog yet, but it’s a problem in many parts of the world, from the French government banning head coverings to people assuming that Islam is a violent religion. When in reality, if you compare the two, Christianity is a lot more violent than Islam based on their corresponding holy books. Also more misogynistic. No seriously, the Bible is MESSED UP.

A lot of liberals tend to overlook Islamophobia, especially atheists. In fact, Islam tends to become a scapegoat when liberal atheist men want to pretend they care about women while also attempting to silence women in the US complaining about misogyny in the US.

Such lazy arguments that have about as much logic as an ad lib.

Holy books matter – but practice also matters.  And like many, I care about misogyny in the US and everywhere else, too.

This is the cultural relativism of being “fair to both sides” when one side is just wrong.

We have this problem in our discourse around the most important challenges we face where we feel we have to be “fair to both sides.” But sometimes, one of those sides is subjugation and oppression. If you’re OK with legitimizing that side in the interest of “fairness,” you’re essentially saying you’re OK with oppression as a part of the human condition. That’s some hateful shit.

Millions – literally millions – of women are oppressed every day by the strictures and proscriptions of Islam. Pretending this is not so is simply the most ridiculous bit of unreasoning insensibility I’ve yet seen.

How is this level of stupidity even possible? It rivals the anti-vaccine movement for sheer clueless obliviousness.

No, bombing to freedom does not work and should never be done.

But if believing that women all over the world are greatly harmed by Islam makes me Islamophobic, well fuck me I’M FUCKING ISLAMOPHOBIC.


“Islamophobia” is what a lot of people trot out when they went to close their eyes, cover their ears and shout “la la la” and ignore the contradictions inherent in their own worldviews.

Me, I like to pull out my contradictions, put them on the table like action figures and make them fight.