Snow job

The more I think about Edward Snowden affair, the more I think Snowden is still an NSA employee and all that occurred was a deliberate operation. I just can’t make any sense of the events otherwise. Too much of it just doesn’t add up.

Naomi Wolf says the same thing here.

A year ago I thought it possible but unlikely that Snowden is still employed by the NSA. Now I think it’s about 70% likely.

I’m not normally a believer in conspiracy theories, but this one could actually work as only a very few people have to be in on it for it to not fall apart (maybe 5-6). The rest will work no matter who knows about it or not.

However I think Chelsea Manning was the real thing.

Something about Snowden always just smelled…off. Intuition tells me that Snowden and his “revelations” is some operation designed for some goal that I don’t quite understand.