STEM education should be eliminated from most colleges and universities, with a few special-purpose ones remaining such as MIT.

Instead, those interested in such fields should go to two-year trade-like schools that intensively teach those fields and the math if any (etc.) needed for each one. However instead of the students paying for the school, these would be two-year apprenticeships that pay enough to live on. If everyone insists the nation needs STEM so very badly, then fucking act like you mean it.

The remaining colleges and universities would revert to teaching the humanities and social sciences as they should, and would be free or low-cost (but not paid like the STEM ones). However, to go to the paid STEM trade school, any student would be required to graduate from one of the non-STEM unis and actually learn how to think and not just continue to be some autist goofus for life.

This would be far better than what we do now.