The gist and the rest

I understand the gist — or at least the initial spring of logic — that leads to the idea that no one is allowed to have sexual and relationship preferences, but this is no different than saying, “If you won’t have sex with me and/or be in a relationship with me when I demand it, you are evil.”

Which is of course very rapey.

And of course it only works one way for these people.

Today I learned that I’m being oppressed because Anna Kendrick doesn’t want to get down with me.

To get a little more scientific than the bullshit above (both theirs and mine), a lot of sexual and attraction preferences are not very — or at all — amenable to conscious thought and cannot be altered easily and in most cases at all.

Had a black babysitter who abused you when you were six? Guess what, you probably won’t be attracted to black people for no conscious reason. But nevertheless it’ll still be true. That’s just how the human mind works. Those things don’t have to make sense.

Funny how large parts of the social justice movement reproduces the various oppressions they are supposedly attempting to ameliorate.