The Musk of collusion

All the carping lately that I’ve seen about Tesla and Elon Musk receiving tax subsidies is both deeply hypocritical and highly suspect. It’s probably his auto-selling competitors, the oil and gas industry, and their PR flaks planting those stories.

The truth is they all receive huge subsidies and government benefits. Absolutely enormous, far more than $5 billion.

Just like I wrote below, in an arena where all your competitors are receiving huge subsidies and interest-free loans and you forgo them, what happens to you?

Right, you fail and go out of business.

Personally I’d rather be subsidizing Musk and Tesla and all his attempts to create something new rather than the carbon-spewing warmongering earth-destroying industries likely planting these stories in friendly news outlets.

(Incidentally, the internet was subsidized/created by the US government to the tune of tens of billions of dollars over the past four decades. Just saying.)