The predictions

As usual, the predictions that the new Apple watch will fail are completely wrong. For so many reasons.

Every product Apple has released has been predicted by large portions of the tech press – who continue to willfully misunderstand why people buy Apple products – to be imminent failures.

But it actually sounds pretty fucking cool to me.

Weather, Calendar, Messages, and Maps are obvious uses for a tiny wrist computer. (The Maps app can use a well-placed “wrist tap” to tell you which direction to turn while it’s giving directions.) You can also sketch a little doodle on the touchscreen and send it to a friend.

Apple continues to do something that no other company has done so successfully for so long: design products that quickly go from, “Why would I ever need that?” to “How did I live without that?”

I’ve learned with Apple and its prognosticators that the more vehemently they predict a product’s failure, the more likely it is to succeed.

Some people never learn.