Through the roof

Probably in 98%+ of the cases where someone claims they were “roofied,” they weren’t.

It was just alcohol. Anyone who knows how to pour too much alcohol into a mixed drink can “roofie” someone, especially someone who is not accustomed to having 4x-10x as much alcohol in the same size drink.

Most of the symptoms that people are claiming are a result of roofies are just alcohol poisoning, and not characteristic of rohypnol or any other similar drug.

And now some people who can’t read will think I am somehow excusing the rapes that occur afterward.

I’m not.

It’s a sign of the rape culture that we live in that a woman must claim some extenuating circumstance for her rape to “count.” My contention that the rape counts no matter what. It doesn’t matter if the woman is stone sober or passed the fuck out. It counts.

I just like knowing the truth of things, despite whoever it offends. I’ve found the truth is always better than the fiction.

If some people are helped by the fiction, that’s fine. It just doesn’t help me.