By | May 14, 2018

Two MMA Fighters Wryly Debunk The Effectiveness Of Some Women’s Self-Defense Techniques.

Agreed, most self-defense techniques taught to women are pure garbage and will you not help you when you need it the most. But the video is also kind of unfair — against an untrained, opportunistic attacker, nearly any self-defense is better than nothing. And that is most of the attackers you will encounter. Also, just having the confidence that you will defend yourself deters attackers from even initiating contact — something they don’t consider.

There are some good tips in the video, though. Here’s my advice to women (and anyone): take Krav Maga classes. Real ones. Not the “cool” ones. Don’t fight unless you absolutely have to. If you have to fight, brutally go for the eyes, testicles, ears, nose, sternum and solar plexus with the best weapon you have available (even if it’s your teeth). But know this: against a determined attacker, if you weigh 120 pounds and he weighs 180, unless you are a world class fighter, you are probably going to lose. Expect this. If you do win, run away as soon as your opponent is disabled enough where they can’t follow.