I’ve been using Firefox since it was called Phoenix, and it was at version 0.3 back in 2002.

Over a decade now. Sad to see it going down the toilet, catering only to users who can’t find their start menu with both hands, the assistance of two IT people and a laser pointer directed right at it.

But that’s what’s happening. I do most of my personal projects using Firefox or working in it in some way – those that don’t make some use of Firefox involve photography, mostly.

There really isn’t an alternative, either, as Chrome is a privacy-thieving, slow*, uncustomizable piece of gutter crud.

I just downloaded Phoenix 0.3 and fired it up in an XP VM. Most pages, unsurprisingly, don’t work very well, or at all. Here’s my blog for instance:


Still, it was so much better than anything else at the time. Is a bit disappointing and sad to see Mozilla catering to the LCD for no reason, as there already is Chrome.

*Slow with add-ons that actually do anything useful, like block ads, etc.