Trump down

Donald Trump can actually beat Hillary in November: Stubborn pundits still refuse to accept it.

Can and will; Clinton will not win in the general any of the Southern states where she was strongest in the primaries, whereas Donald Trump is likely to win most of the Northeast states where he is strongest.

Clinton is a bad pick in general, but a particularly bad pick against Trump where her election and campaign weaknesses are imperfectly arrayed against Trump’s very strengths.

I didn’t and don’t support Clinton or Sanders (or Trump), but Sanders would’ve been far more likely to defeat Trump in the kind of matchup we’re moving towards.

And when Trump inevitably gets a landslide against Clinton due to her weakness in Southern states, the pundits will all be completely stunned, etc.

Also don’t forget just how rabid the hatred is for Clinton — many people who don’t vote are too young to remember the 90s, but I was there and haven’t forgotten. There’s a whole gaggle of people who will show up solely to vote against Clinton, whereas most liberals won’t bother about Trump.

There’s also going to be a whole lot of secret Trump voters who will not tell anyone they are intending to vote for Trump — even pollsters — yet will do so anyway. This is why many of the polls even right up to the election will be wrong.

Get used to saying “President Trump,” is what I’m telling you.