About Twilight, I have no interest in it and will never read it – not because it is aimed at women, but because it is badly written (I have read enough of it to know this – it could’ve been written by Dan Brown) and because the relationship dynamics in it are terrible and un-feminist.

However, I am glad it exists. Without Twilight, many many other books I’ve read and enjoyed over the past few years probably would’ve not been published.

So, thanks Stephenie Meyer for publishing a poorly-written series of novels that somehow got massively popular despite being as retrogressive as drawing and quartering.

Without you and your tin ear and 16th-century worldview, books like The Hunger Games series, Viral Nation, Ex-Heroes and many others might never have made it to print.

And a good portion of those (mostly) female readers who enjoy Twilight will grow up and branch out and make it more likely that more fiction with interesting female protagonists gets written.

Like a herd of cows shitting all over a field, Stephenie Meyer has provided the fertilizer that is producing and will produce many good things.