User punishment

I have another post in store about phenomena related to these ideas, but let’s talk about when the Gnome3/Windows 8/SystemD braindead contingent claim that, “Well, people hated Windows 95 when it came out, too!”

Or Windows XP. To bolster the fuckwit idea that “people just hate change” for making products so terrible that people won’t even despoil their compost pile with them.

Both claims are false. I remember very well when Windows 95 came out. Windows XP, too. Windows XP was released into a big recession and had other headwinds, but it was indeed greeted warmly and was widely welcomed as a big improvement.

However when Windows 95 came out it was such an upgrade that people went absolutely apeshit about it. No joke. People not only didn’t hate change, they were clamoring for it. Here’s what it looked like just about everywhere.


People lined up at midnight. Stores were jam-packed the night of its launch and for weeks afterward. I witnessed this myself, in person, with my own eyes.

So no, dumbasses, there was no significant backlash against Windows 95 or Windows XP.

People don’t hate change. They just hate bad tools, bad design, and your specific mega-failures that you like to call a “user interface.”

Yeah, I am talking to you, Gnome 3 developers — and Windows 8 developers.