All I see lately is people complaining about the violence on Game of Thrones, how it’s not “realistic.”

Well, dumbasses, the books and TV series are loosely based on the Wars of the Roses which were extremely violent. So violent that 28,000 people died in one battle alone.

If anything the violence on the show is somewhat understated.

Check this out. As mentioned 28,000 people died in one day in one battle alone in the Wars of the Roses. This was one percent of the entire English population in 1461. Did I mention this was in one battle?

This is the equivalent of 3,200,000 people in the US dying in one day.

Or if everyone in Chicago and Minneapolis dropped dead right this instant.

So tell me again how horribly, unrealistically violent Game of Thrones is? So, yeah, what do you say?

I get so frustrated with how clueless Americans are about basic history. Just can people really be this moronic? How is this possible?