I thank the blackest heavens that I am anomalous, because though it wasn’t exactly easy to lose weight, it has been easy to keep off.

Still down 25% from my highest weight, and I’ll stay there for life.

All my family is fat. If I’m fighting genetics, I’m doing a remarkably good job. Nearly six years now.

I’m about the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet, so my results are anomalous for a reason I’m guessing.

But check this out. Unlike this dude, I don’t track a damn thing.

I eat what I want. But unlike most people, I look at the amount I actually want, and eat half of that.

Works a charm. Ain’t tracked a calorie, ever.

Best change I ever made: I eat better food, spend about the same amount, am far, far healthier and my knees don’t hurt anymore.

I’d literally do just about anything not to get fat again.